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How do these generators work?

To start hacking your game, the hack needs information on your username and platform. Select your platform from the menu and double check to make sure you've entered everything correctly. Pay attention to upper and lowercase letters!
In case that the game you're trying to hack doesn't require username, use your Gamecenter or Google Play Games ID instead.

packages from the game you want to hack

Choosing your package and additional security options

Proxy settings are optional. They will ensure that you stay anonymous and under the radar.
You're free to choose any of the game's resource packs which are limited to the maximum of what is offered from within the game store to make the transactions appear like genuine purchases rather than a suspicious collection of 9's. Remember that although limited in quantity, you can come back and re-use our hacks for as many times as you want!
Finally, another optional yet strongly recommended feature is the Anti-ban which will go an extra step to make you absolutely untouchable by the potential security systems. So far, it proved extremely reliable as we have had a total of 0 users that have had their accounts banned!

How GosuPlayers hack console working..

Be patient while the generator completes it's work

All you have to do now is wait. Be patient until the process completes and allow up to 30 minutes (depending on how much our servers are overloaded) for the hack to go through.
As we have revoked all payment plans so that you don't have to pay for anything, a quick and easy verification will be required at the end.

Why Game GosuPlayers?

Free for all

100% free access to the largest library of the hottest game hacks online!

Anti-ban protection

Stay safe and undetected with our top-notch security algorithms!

Fully Responsive

Unlike the v1.0, GosuPlayers is now optimized for and accessible from all devices!


GosuPlayers servers are optimized for smooth browsing experience even during the heavy traffic times!

Made with Love

Being gamers ourselves, we understand exactly what we're making and always go a step further to deliver the best possible experience for our community!

First to have the hottest game hacks

As gamers, we are always one step ahead of everyone else as we stay informed and always know about the hottest games of the moment!


Here's what others are saying about GosuPlayers

“Just wanted to let you guys know how glad I am that I found this website. It is nice to finally have a hack that is working as it should.”


“So far you've saved me hundreds of dollars already with a couple of hacks that you've made and I'm far from done with these games. Hope you guys stick around for a long time and I wish you a lot of success in the future!”


“GosuPlayers is an example that other hacks should follow! For as long as I've been using your "services" I haven't had any problems, and I always received exactly what I was asking for. Many thanks gosuplayers.”



Until further notice, all GosuPlayers hacks are free to use for everyone! We're for real, try it for yourself and see if we're bluffing!
If you want to return the favor, you can always share our hacks through social media.



Basic customer support for all users.

  • - 5 Games From the List
  • - Public Proxies
  • - No AntiBan Feautre
  • - Best Value Packages From the Game You Choose



Basic customer support for all users

  • - 15 Games From the List
  • - Public Proxies
  • - No AntiBan Feautre
  • - Best Value Packages From the Game You Choose



Premium customer support for all users

  • - All Games From the List
  • - Premium Proxies
  • - AntiBan Feautre
  • - Best Value Packages From the Game You Choose

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